We're on our way. Together.

Bindle lets you easily share your COVID health status with others.

This is how.

Bindle is the pathway for us to safely get back together again. COVID-19 health certificates are transmitted from the testing or vaccination site to an individual’s mobile device, where they're securely encrypted. Health status can then be easily displayed when entering shared spaces - without ever revealing sensitive personal data.

For all of us.

Rebuilding trust.Bindle relies on facts and science to take the guessing out of re-engagement.
Getting back to life.It’s time to confidently be in our communities again.
Verified test results.Cryptography protects your data from the lab to your phone.
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For business as the new usual.

Small business.From the nail salon to the spin class, you're open again. Bindle protects both your employees and your customers.
Essential work.Whether in hospitals, factories, warehouses, or food processing plants, Bindle keeps the most important workers safe.
Assisted living.Bindle is the simplest way for guests to show that they are not a threat to the most vulnerable populations.
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For our schools and institutions.

Broadening our bubbles.From the classroom to the cafeteria, feel comfort in learning together again.
The return of sports.Getting back in the game or going back to the stadium, there’s now reason to cheer.
Worshipping together.Churches. Synagogues. Mosques. Whatever congregation, we get to gather safely.
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For testing sites.

From testing sites at hospitals to test-by-mail laboratories to drive-through testing centers, the Bindle network is set up to convert test results and vaccination data into verified digital credentials that can work at any venue with a COVID-19 screening policy.
Doctors' offices
Home test kits
Local testing sites